Our Services

Design & Build

Whether it is to rig, or to build something mechanical, temporary or permanent, we are here for you. Baan Rig specializes in making a custom project under a scope of reasonable price and timely manner. As we have got engineers, architects, riggers, and technicians in our team, we draft your imaginations and make is possible under the budget, given time, technical standards, and safety rules.

Equipment Rentals

We provide a standardized rigging equipment suitable for rigging in movies, events, reality shows, theatre, and other mechanical work that you can rent out of our house. From a truss, hoist, lift, to turntable, we have them available along with a technician for you.

Rigging Professionals

Our charms are safety, speed, punctual, and capability to provide you the right design needs you may require. We manage our time efficiently to make sure we are on your schedule and everything goes as planned. In addition, our rig men and designers are trained not only to rig, but to service you from start to finish. We aim to come up with the best design solutions to create most striking performances out of your project.


To guarantee our rigging standards, Baanrig has a consult engineering for all related fields, including civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers. We are fully confident in our methods and techniques. Nonetheless, we work with insurance companies as well. You may consult us about your project at any time for both national and international projects.

Maintenance & Warranty

We are responsible. What we build we always care for. Baan Rig has a passion to provide a great quality service to our customers. We standby for our maintenance within 24 hours in the country. For general rigging work and designs, we ensure our product quality with a reasonable time warranty.

Safety First

Above all, we work cautiously and are always in regard to safety on top of everything else. We care for everyone’s safety, and we also care for our surroundings, pre- and past-performances. Baan Rig avoids all kinds of procedures that can cause damage to both our customers and chosen locations.